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Data jurnal HSS (Humanities and Social Science)

Journal Online ISSN URL
Adaptation 1755-0645
African Affairs 1468-2621
Alcohol and Alcoholism 1464-3502
American Journal of Legal History 2161-797X
American Law and Economics Review 1465-7260
American Literary History 1468-4365
Analysis 1467-8284
Applied Linguistics 1477-450X
Arbitration International 1875-8398
Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume. 1467-8349
British Yearbook of International Law 2044-9437
Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies (BICS) 2041-5370
Cambridge Journal of Economics 1464-3545
Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 1752-1386
Capital Markets Law Journal 1750-7227
CESifo Economic Studies 1612-7501
Children & Schools 1545-682X
Chinese Journal of International Law 1746-9937
Christian bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality 1744-4195
Classical Receptions Journal 1759-5142
Communication Theory 1468-2885
Communication, Culture & Critique 1753-9137
Community Development Journal 1468-2656
Contemporary Women’s Writing 1754-1484
Contributions to Political Economy 1464-3588
Current Legal Problems 2044-8422
Digital Scholarship in the Humanities 2055-768X
Diplomatic History 1467-7709
Early Music 1741-7260
Economic Policy 1468-0327
ELT Journal 1477-4526
English: Journal of the English Association 1756-1124
Essays in Criticism 1471-6852
European Journal of International Law 1464-3596
European Review of Agricultural Economics 1464-3618
European Review of Economic History 1474-0044
European Sociological Review 1468-2672
Foreign Policy Analysis 1743-8594
Forum for Modern Language Studies 1471-6860
French History 1477-4542
French Studies 1468-2931
French Studies Bulletin 1748-9180
German History 1477-089X
GRUR International: Journal of European and International IP Law 2632-8550
Health and Social Work 1545-6854
Historical Research 1468-2281
History Workshop Journal 1477-4569
Holocaust and Genocide Studies 1476-7937
Human Communication Research 1468-2958
Human Rights Law Review 1744-1021
ICSID Review – Foreign Investment Law Journal 2049-1999
Industrial and Corporate Change 1464-3650
Industrial Law Journal 1464-3669
Interacting with Computers 1873-7951
International Affairs 1468-2346
International Data Privacy Law 2044-4001
International Journal of Constitutional Law 1474-2659
International Journal of Law and Information Technology 1464-3693
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family 1464-3707
International Journal of Lexicography 1477-4577
International Journal of Public Opinion Research 1471-6909
International Journal of Refugee Law 1464-3715
International Journal of Transitional Justice 1752-7724
International Political Sociology 1749-5687
International Relations of the Asia Pacific 1470-4838
International Studies Perspectives 1528-3585
International Studies Quarterly 1468-2478
International Studies Review 1468-2486
ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 1759-1090
Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies 2219-7117
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 1540-6245
Journal of African Economies 1464-3723
Journal of American History 1945-2314
Journal of Antitrust Enforcement 2050-0696
Journal of Church and State 2040-4867
Journal of Communication 1460-2466
Journal of Competition Law & Economics 1744-6422
Journal of Conflict and Security Law 1467-7962
Journal of Consumer Research 1537-5277
Journal of Design History 1741-7279
Journal of Economic Geography 1468-2710
Journal of Environmental Law 1464-374X
Journal of European Competition Law & Practice 2041-7772
Journal of Financial Econometrics 1479-8417
Journal of Financial Regulation 2053-4841
Journal of Global Security Studies 2057-3189
Journal of Human Rights Practice 1757-9627
Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 1747-1540
Journal of International Criminal Justice 1478-1395
Journal of International Dispute Settlement 2040-3593
Journal of International Economic Law 1464-3758
Journal of Islamic Studies 1471-6917
Journal of Language Evolution 2058-458X
Journal of Music Therapy 2053-7395
Journal of Professions and Organization 2051-8811
Journal of Public Administration, Research and Theory 1477-9803
Journal of Refugee Studies 1471-6925
Journal of Semantics 1477-4593
Journal of Semitic Studies 1477-8556
Journal of Social History 1527-1897
Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology 2325-0992
Journal of the American Academy of Religion 1477-4585
Journal of the European Economic Association 1542-4774
Journal of the History of Collections 1477-8564
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 1468-4373
Journal of Victorian Culture 1750-0133
Law, Probability & Risk 1470-840X
Literary Imagination 1752-6566
Literature and Theology 1477-4623
London Review of International Law 2050-6333
Medical Law Review 1464-3790
MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States 1946-3170
Migration Studies 2049-5846
Military Medicine 1930-613X
Mind 1460-2113
Modern Judaism – A Journal of Jewish Ideas and Experience 1086-3273
Music and Letters 1477-4631
Music Theory Spectrum 1533-8339
Music Therapy Perspectives 2053-7387
Notes and Queries 1471-6941
OAH Magazine of History 1938-2340
Oxford Art Journal 1741-7287
Oxford Economic Papers 1464-3812
Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 2047-0789
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 1464-3820
Oxford Review of Economic Policy 1460-2121
Parliamentary Affairs 1460-2482
Past & Present 1477-464X
Perspectives on Public Management and Governance 2398-4929
Philosophia Mathematica 1744-6406
Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice 1752-4520
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 1467-9264
Public Health Ethics 1754-9981
Public Opinion Quarterly 1537-5331
Public Policy and Aging Report 2053-4892
Publius: The Journal of Federalism 1747-7107
Refugee Survey Quarterly 1471-695X
Research Evaluation 1471-5449
Review of Finance 1573-692X
Science and Public Policy 1471-5430
Screen 1460-2474
Shakespeare Quarterly 1538-3555
Social Forces 1534-7605
Social History of Medicine 1477-4666
Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society 1468-2893
Social Problems 1533-8533
Social Science Japan Journal 1468-2680
Social Work 1545-6846
Social Work Research 1545-6838
Socio-Economic Review 1475-147X
Sociology of Religion 1759-8818
Statute Law Review 1464-3863
The American Historical Review 1937-5239
The American Journal of Comparative Law 2326-9197
The American Journal of Jurisprudence 2049-6494
The British Journal of Aesthetics 1468-2842
The British Journal of Criminology 1464-3529
The British Journal of Social Work 1468-263X
The Cambridge Quarterly 1471-6836
The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law 2050-4810
The Chinese Journal of International Politics 1750-8924
The Econometrics Journal 1368-423X
The Economic Journal 1468-0297
The English Historical Review 1477-4534
The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education 1465-7325
The Journal of Hindu Studies 1756-4263
The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 1465-7341
The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy: A Forum for Bioethics and Philosophy of Medicine 1744-5019
The Journal of Theological Studies 1477-4607
The Journal of World Energy Law & Business 1754-9965
The Journals of Gerontology – Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences 1758-5368
The Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook 1758-437X
The Library 1744-8581
The Monist 2153-3601
The Musical Quarterly 1741-8399
The Opera Quarterly 1476-2870
The Philosophical Quarterly 1467-9213
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 1531-4650
The Review of Asset Pricing Studies 2045 9939
The Review of Corporate Finance Studies 2046-9136
The Review of Economic Studies 1467-937X
The Review of English Studies 1471-6968
The Review of Financial Studies 1465-7368
The World Bank Economic Review 1564-698X
The World Bank Research Observer 1564-6971
The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 1471-681X
The Year’s Work in English Studies 1471-6801
Trusts & Trustees 1752-2110
Twentieth Century British History 1477-4674
Uniform Law Review 2050-9065
Western Historical Quarterly 1939-8603
Work, Aging and Retirement 2054-4650
Yearbook of European Law 2045-0044
Yearbook of International Environmental Law 2045-0052
Journal of Philosophy of Education 1467-9752
Political Science Quarterly 1538-165X